Marvel Dangerous Divas Series 2

The next box in my gun-jumping Blowout Order, and definitely my favorite.  I mean, it had a sketch card in it, so the other two boxes would’ve had to have been ridiculous to surpass this baby (or conversely, a Ryan Waterhouse-esque abomination of a sketch card, the likes of which fortunately don’t seem to exist in most Rittenhouse releases).  But while they were decent enough to not leave me feeling much regret (outside of the lack of funds leftover for COMC Black Friday sales and all the scanning), they couldn’t surpass a sketch, maddening as the one I pulled has proven to be.



Alcione Silva is excellent artist for me to pull, because not only does he do great work, according to the sold listings on eBay, his cards typically sell for 2-3 times my usual price range on the low end.  So if I didn’t pull one of his sketch cards, I’d never get him in my binder otherwise  The problem is… I can’t figure out who the character is, and it’s still driving me nuts several weeks later.  I feel like I’m almost certain that I know who she is but the name just isn’t coming to me.  Help in identifying her would be most appreciated.


Lady Sinister & Daken..

Lady Sinister & Wolverine’s idiot son Daken..

The back..

Hehe, thrust..

On the plus side, Blowout was also kind enough to throw in an Embrace case topper with my order, which further sweetened up a box that was devoid of anything beyond the promised sketch, inserts, & parallel (and also helped ease the blow of foregoing the possibility of Black Friday packs with the Prizm box).  Part of the multi-product 75th Anniversary set (#’ed /75), Artifex autos of the fantastic artist and stone cold super hottie who did all the art for said insert set Rhiannon Owens, Diamond parallels #’ed /10, and framed comic panels all fall in the range of 1:4 boxes to case hit.

Black Cat Sultry Seductresses, Captain Marvel Milo Manara, Lyra Emerald #'ed 37/100, Nebula Artifex..

Black Cat Sultry Seductresses, Captain Marvel Milo Manara, Lyra Emerald #’ed 37/100, Nebula Artifex..

Marvel Dangerous Divas Series 2 Inserts- Back

Backs feat. Shulkie puzzleface..

Speaking of the other inserts & parallel, we’ll close out this post with them.  I think I’m going to try to collect that gorgeous Milo Manara set, and the other two inserts and the parallel will be available for cards from that set or any of the following:

Emerald #’ed /100- 36 Songbird, 43 Yelena Belova Black Widow, 51 Caiera, 57 Elektra, 69 Maria Hill, 80 Rogue, 83 Silk, 90 X-23.

Sultry Seductresses- S11 Psylocke, S15 Caiera, S16 Rogue, S18 She-Hulk

In addition, I’m also willing to trade the Case Topper for a either the X-23/Cyke or Psylocke/Fantomex Embrace cards, another of the above mentioned tough pulls, or multiple inserts and/or Emerald parallels, if you happen to have something more to my liking.

I don’t usually require specific things for my trade bait, because there’s usually no chance of it ever happening.  Unlike most box breaks though, there’s nothing in here I have to get rid of, so I don’t mind hanging onto them until they can definitely net me something of greater use.

Anyway, that’s all for now.  Thanks for stopping by!

Until our next…



  1. I believe the sketch card is Binary, or one of Carol Danvers’ previous identities.


    • lonestarr

      Ah, you are correct! THANK YOU. 😀
      I guess I was on the right path thinking cosmic entity, but I was going in the wrong direction. She’s more X-Men cosmic in this iteration than Avengers/Fantastic Four cosmic, so it would’ve taken me forever to figure out on my own.


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