Anime-Centric Sketch Cards!

I didn’t really want to post this yet, because my most recent post was also art of my own making.  Things are also going to get extremely sketch cardy around here for the next little bit.  Alas, this is the draft that’s most ready to go, so today you get some old sketch cards I pulled out & colored around the time I finally finished the McGriff & Seneca Wallace I owed Tim over at the GSNHoF.  Anyway, like almost all my own art, these are available for sale or trade (or some combination of the two; I’m pretty to easy to work with).  Get ’em while they’re hot!


Mimiru from .hack//Sign..

I wanted to love .hack//Sign, but I found the show soooo boring.  Later I would learn it was just one story in a much wider-ranging franchise, but as an introduction, it didn’t make me want to delve deeper.  Mimiru was one of the few highlights though, so I drew her a few years ago.

Cast in the name of God, Ye not guilty..

Cast in the name of God, Ye not guilty..

The Big O was another anime series I found a little dull, but it was fairly heady and more visually interesting than .hack, and I didn’t need any extra context for its story to click.  The post-apocalyptic Batman vibe didn’t hurt either, I guess.  I nearly botched the coloring on the eponymous Megadeus, but I worked through it well enough for the card to turn out fine in the end.

Roger the Negotiator..

Roger the Negotiator..

Next up, Big O’s pilot, Roger Smith.  A dark, brooding rich guy… with a badass butler… and a cool car… who protects his dying city from all manner of danger… and also has a thing for an equally badass, semi-antagonistic woman? Yep, he’s pretty much apocalyptic mech suit Batman.


Cool, but kinda useless..

Finally, we have R. Dorothy Wayneright, the super strong/agile android gal who… doesn’t really do anything besides get kidnapped occasionally.  As with basically everything when it comes to this show though, she at least has a cool design that’s fun to draw.

Moving on to one of the all-time greats, in anime or any other medium: Cowboy Bebop.  Absolutely everything about this series is top-notch, and it regularly lands at, or near, the top of greatest anime lists.  It’s just a straight up sci-fi masterpiece, and if you have any interest in anime or science fiction at all, it’s an absolute must see.  I believe I laid down the pencils of 3/5 of the crew in Spike Spiegel, Faye Valentine, & Jet Black during a single epic binge that spawned the majority, if not entirety, of this post.  Unfortunately, you only get the first two today.  I still haven’t colored Jet yet (it could still be awhile, but he’ll most likely be in the next bunch I finish, along with some other anime staples I drew during that period of time but never colored like One Piece’s Luffy, and Dragon Ball’s Vegeta & Piccolo).





Not too shabby.  That’s it for this post.  I also take commissions.  Thanks for stopping by!

See You Space Cowboy…



  1. I’m not much of an anime fan (unless Transformers/Speed Race/Pokemon count); but, I can appreciate good artwork. You did an excellent job on these sketch cards!

    Liked by 1 person

    • lonestarr

      Thanks! Pokemon and Speed Racer count, and Transformers at least gets in on a technicality.


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