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BenchWarmer Eclectic

Let’s send 2015 out on a high, with the final pre-Black Friday box: Benchwarmer Eclectic!  These things are hella monsterbeasts, I tell ya. 8-9 guaranteed hits + 60(!) packs, mostly from the days before Leaf came along and ruined things by turning Benchwarmer into an an almost exclusively high end affair.  Said packs usually drop …

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Marvel Dangerous Divas Series 2

The next box in my gun-jumping Blowout Order, and definitely my favorite.  I mean, it had a sketch card in it, so the other two boxes would’ve had to have been ridiculous to surpass this baby (or conversely, a Ryan Waterhouse-esque abomination of a sketch card, the likes of which fortunately don’t seem to exist …

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2015 Panini Prizm Box Break

I got antsy and couldn’t wait until Black Friday to buy some cards, so I bought three boxes and a hit pack on Blowout.  It’s okay though.  The prices were plenty decent, and I didn’t end up seeing anything else in later waves or on Black Friday itself that were anymore compelling to me than the …

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