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The Art of Wrestling Vol. 1

As I write this, day has barely even started to break.  It is Monday though (my humble apologies for the reminder).  While RAW is usually terrible these days, this is still the day for pro wrestling.  So it seems like the right time to unleash my first ongoing series on the unsuspecting masses.  Being a big fan of pro graps sort of …

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Anime-Centric Sketch Cards!

I didn’t really want to post this yet, because my most recent post was also art of my own making.  Things are also going to get extremely sketch cardy around here for the next little bit.  Alas, this is the draft that’s most ready to go, so today you get some old sketch cards I …

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Star Wars

It has finally happened.  No more waiting.  The Force Awakens is here.  I made a couple pieces of art out of it over the past few months.  Enjoy. Until our next…

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