The Shot Not Taken Connection

Ernie Colgan's Chips..

Ernie Colgan’s Chips..

Ray has easily been my most frequent trading partner over the years, and we made another deal that finally came to fruition earlier this month.  So it’s only right that he be part of my first wave of posts now that I’m back on a more fully functional blogging platform.  We both collect a little bit of everything, so there’s always some overlap that makes it pretty easy to strike up a trade.  Have a look at what some of what he sent my way this time, won’t you? 😉

2015 black parallel & Trash Talkers insert from 2013..

2015 black parallel & Trash Talkers insert from 2013..

First up (well, besides suh-weet Ernie Banks at the top of the post), we’ll start out with a pair of AJ Lees.  There were two others that I already had, and they will go out to Gavin next time I send him stuff.

Dragon-Powered Steamboat, Lil Rey-Rey, Sad Cara, Snake? Snake! Snaaaaaaake!, Would you stop?, Greg "Not Actually a Middle-Aged Woman" Valentine, Jobber with the sickest finisher, and a Ugandan Giant..

Dragon-Powered Steamboat, Lil Rey-Rey, Sad Cara, Snake? Snake! SNAAAAAAAAAKE!, Would you stop?, Greg “Not Actually a Middle-Aged Woman” Valentine, Jobber with the sickest finisher, and a Ugandan Giant..

Next up is numerous stickers from the Heritage set from a couple years back that was mostly just notable for having a super turdy auto checklist.  It was still cool though, because there were Booker T inserts all over the checklist.  He was also in this sticker set with puzzles on the backs that I’m still trying to put together.  I think I still needed 3/4 of these, if you ever wondered how that nonexistent chase was going.  Maybe it’ll kick into a higher gear now that I have over half the set though (nearly all of which came from Ray).

Suck it, Ryder!

Suck it, Ryder!  Also, nobody in the history of wrestling has ever chanted that, Topps..

The Eve Torres cards still trickle in on occasion.  After ditching the ‘E, she got married, had a significant role in the short-lived El Rey series Matador, and then had a baby.  Sadly none of that had anything to do with me. 😛

Paige at least has an actual chant that could have plausibly been chanted when the thing that happened happened..

At least it’s an actual chant..

Paige is cool.  I like her current angry old vet in a 23 year old’s body gimmick.  Her rage-inducing genre savvy rings true, and she’s actually been wrestling for like a decade, so the old vet cred is legit.

Brie Bella Relic..

Brie Bella Relic..

Fun fact if you’ve never been sick in the head enough to watch Total Divas: The origins of the stupid annoying “Brie Mode!” catchphrase apparently come from Brie’s tendency to get blackout drunk whenever she drank.


Anyway, moving on from pro wrestling, it’s time take a look at the fake sports.  First up, baseball!

Hunter Pence Spring Fever Promo..

Hunter Pence Spring Fever Promo..

Hunter Pence ain’t fake, but playing at as high a level as he does in the wonkyass, awkward way he does might be scientifically impossible! 😀

2014 A&G Beltre Framed Relic..

2014 A&G Beltre Framed Relic..

Happy to have my Beltre page nearly finished.  If I can’t come up with a more significant centerpiece on the cheap or via trade, this will certainly do.  It’s impossible to go wrong with a framed A&G hit.  Even the ugly, bright red 2010 frames still get the job done.  2014 is definitely one of the classier numbers though.  I dig it.

BowChro & Walmart Blues..

BowChro & Walmart Blues..

Always love throwback jerseys on cards, even though I haven’t actively sought them out in several years.  I used to love that particular jersey too, but I’ve turned on it pretty hard recently.  Not sure why.  Walmart blue/Target red are always pretty pointless, but Abreu’s rookie & pre-rookie stuffs can still be a tough get, so I’m more than happy to land any parallel of anything from then.  I’m not even really very much more discerning with his 2015 stuff, tbh.

Cubbie time..

Cubbie time, old-ish school edition..

Young Lions..

But we’ve also got the top prospects!

The back of the Sportflix card has Ryno ranked the 11th best player in the league following the ’86 season (7-12: Brett, Boggs, Gwynn, Hubie Brooks?!, Ryno, Tim Raines).  The Hawk Induction insert is cool, and Mitterwald was an unexpected surprise.  Can’t get enough of those Cubbie younglings, Bryant especially.  He’s wicked tough to get anything at all of right now, so even an unparalleled, unchromed, basic as heck Bowman card moves the meter in a big way.

Allen & Ginter Mini Party!

Russell & Soler are black parallels, Snoop is A&G backed, the kitty is an insert, and everyone else is regular backs..

Finishing off the baseball portion with an Allen & Ginter Mini Party!  Should be a fun one with Sheiky Baby and Snoop (a delightful snapshot of the 8 months he actually went by Lion, btw) around.  And I’m just gonna go ahead and say it, as good a ballplayer as Bernie Williams was, his music is even better.  It’s silky smooth like Addison Russell’s defense.  Love that card!

Rookies, shinies, and a dude that looks perpetually stoned..

Rookies, shinies, and a defensive stalwart that looks perpetually stoned..

We got basketball up in here too!  Couple major rookies in Wiggins and Parker for the RC binder, a couple of Panini’s famous crazypants non-numbered Prizms of a current beast and an all-time great, and a Joakim that probably won’t stick on his page, but I’m happy to have nonetheless.

Kendall Gill auto!

Kendall Gill auto!

Was always a low-key fan of Gill when I was but a wii youngling, so I thought I might start a Single Page Sensations collection for him.  At the very least, this can go in the basketball section of my bling-laden 1-Star Binder when it finally starts to take shape.

Melissa Rycroft /25..

Melissa Rycroft /25..

Jessamyn Duke 2-color Mat Relic..

Jessamyn Duke 2-color Mat Relic..

Closing it out with two hits that don’t fit anywhere in my collection except the “Hottie Binder”.  Jessamyn Duke is on a bit of a losing streak.  Melissa Rycroft is ???… Ray wanted to keep the Kid ‘n Play dual though, so I’ll just be thankful I managed to land a Pop Century at all.  Need more of that in my collection (Americana too).  I think my only other Pop Century card is a Pam Grier I had found in a last second search just to make sure I got all (but like 25¢) of my eBay bucks used one month, and I’ve been quietly fiending for more ever since.

Gonna call it a post here, but there was a fair bit more to this trade (a full Agents of SHIELD base set I didn’t scan yet, a lil regular sized A&G stuff that I accidentally dinged up somehow + a rad jumbo box topper I’ll post on APtbNL because it was still in its pack, a trio of 2015 WWE refractors, and a couple more random Cubbies).  Thanks again for another great trade, Ray!  And thanks to everyone for stopping by!

Until our next…


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