Back from Outer Space

Heyo, the former Lonestarr here.  My very brief Tumblr experiment failed, so here I am, back on WordPress.  Turns out I like having the option for meatier, scan-heavy posts even though I don’t really intend to do them very often going forward, and Tumblr just wasn’t really built for that.  Of course, little as ever managed to blog in the past, I couldn’t just quit entirely.  Writing is an inherent and necessary part of my existence, so I’ll probably always need to keep one around for when the mood doth strike.

The old site linked above was an unfocused mess, so things are going to have to be different this time around.  The new plan is thus: In an effort to keep things more on-point, this blog will be devoted entirely to collecting.  The furthest I ever intend to stray from that will be the occasional batch of sketch cards of my own creation, because they basically count as a trade bait and/or for sale post.  When I get around to it/when it becomes necessary, I’ll just create separate blogs for my other various pursuits and link to things that may have crossover appeal.

I don’t know if any of this will actually work or not, or if I’ll just disappear for 6+ months after like 10 posts like I usually do.  It’s definitely worth a try though.  The card blogging community is just about the only place in this world I don’t feel like a total outcast most of the time, so it’d be cool if I could ever actually contribute to it in some worthwhile way.

I guess that’s it for my (re)introduction post.  Here’s an awesome card I own.

2008 SPx Gale Sayers Moments 1/1..

2008 SPx Gale Sayers Moments 1/1..

Thanks for stopping by.

Until our next…


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